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When the walls become alive….


Have you recently passed by the university ground road on ring road, Ahmedabad? If not, take a walk on the sides of the ground this sunday and enjoy a without ticket art gallery….

Walls of university grounds have been made alive by several artists with their imagination and vibrant colors…. All the walls are painted with beautiful and lively scenes… Somewhere you will find magnificent valleys of Kashmir and somewhere glorious Sand Dunes of Rajsthan…. You will see one part of the wall portraying simple village life of Gujarat and another will be covered with Sky Scrappers of Ahmedabad…

Almost all of these paintings have some social message or the other, starting from save a girl child, save water, save trees, save environment to save electricity, obey traffic regulation, remove corruption and so on…

So park your scooter, bike or car and enjoy the vibrant colors of Ahmedabad….

Just a glance of some of these beautiful paintings 🙂