A new experience in Dining at Souq


It’s always fascinating to try something out of ordinary routine. One such experience was having dinner at a unique restaurant in town… Souq The Restaurant…

Though the ambience and surrounding of the place is completely contradictory, one would feel like entering a completely different world, once entering the restaurant.  Theme of the restaurant takes you to an ancient Arabic Market… Cozy atmosphere, unusual yet rhythmic Arabian music would make you easily engrossed in the experience. One of the things I liked was seating was very comfortable and spacious, though being a comparatively a compact restaurant.

The restaurant serves Persian, Lebanese and Moroccan cuisine.  It was a first of its kind of experience for me to have tested this cuisine.  We started with Philadelphia Saj, little bit spicy but oh so delicious…. I loved the thin bread and yummy cheese toppings. We also had Spicy Cheese and Aubergine Manakeesh, bit of sour for my test. We also tried Stuffed Zucchini with gratin vegetables and Virgin Mojito.

One thing on which they can improve upon is Service at Ahmedabad. I have had very good examples of finest services. Service at Souq did not meet standards set by these restaurants.

If you are bored with usual Punjabi, Chinese or Thai food, then you must try Souq once.


Souq The restaurant,
1, Aarohi Complex,
Vijay Cross Road,
Nr University Plaza,
Ahmedabad – 380009


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