Gurjari Market

Few days back I read in the newspaper about a Public Interest Litigation of Navdeep Mathur, a professor of IIMA.  The reason, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is in process of developing Sabarmati River front and in this pursue, they want to replace the local market of Gujari with 615 constructed stalls. Although currently there are more than 1200 members part of this market.  Further hearing will be on 23rd June.

But what is this place all about??? Living in Ahmedabad, have you ever been to Gujari??? I am born and brought up in Ahmedabad, I have heard a lot of this place but never been there till now. I finally visited the place on a recent sunday.

Gujari, on the river front of Sabarmati, nearby Swami Vivekanand bridge is a market which becomes alive with hustling and bustling of vendors and shoppers on every Sunday. You will find everything starting from books, toys, utensils, lamps to wooden and metal furniture. What attracted me the most were the bronze utensils and statues. Intricate design on them just gives them beautiful antique look.

My visit had left me with mixed feelings. My expectations were different from what I actually experienced. I was expecting an organized line of stalls with everything beautiful and traditional. While reality is a place filled with all sort of things, some useful, some junk, some beautiful, some secondhand stuff and more… You will need to go through all these to find what you want.

Some alerts before you actually visit the place. Do not wear any kind of jewellary, do not carry too much of cash and lookout for those perverts who may intend to take advantage.


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  1. Wow… Beautiful Photo Shoot…

    10 years back (or more than that), I have visited Gujari… Unusual and lovely post..

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