Has Ahmedabad lost compassion?


It’s very difficult to write about negative aspect of Ahmedabad, but with an endeavor of showing a true picture of the city, I am writing about a bitter experience of my city.

While a visit to one of the renowned shopping mall today, I saw a security guard of the mall dragging a boy by his collar and hitting him by newspaper!!! This boy would not be older than 6 or 7 years.

The mall was overflowing with people, enjoying their Sunday. Out of hundreds of people around not a single soul found this act to be inhumane!!!  After stopping this cruel act, when I confronted the guard, asking the reason, an indifferent answer came, “The kid is disturbing all the shoppers… we told him many times, not to come nearby mall, but he comes and bags for money and harasses people.”  The crime of the kid was that he was disturbing enjoyment of those who are blessed with luxuries unlike him. Was this guard’s act justified?

Bigger questions are… How can we amdavadis just stand, see the cruelty and do nothing? Has Amdavad lost compassion?

I don’t know the answer to these questions. But I hope that Amdavad is still full of people who will not tolerate inhumanity or injustice and will rise to stand against it.

What do you think? Have lost our compassion? Do we care about what’s going on in our city? Do we fight against the cruelty of such sick people? I urge you to share your thoughts or experiences.


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  1. there are two sides of a coin. You saw one and didnt saw the other. Society is a huge and viscious cycle of interdependence. Today you wrote a guard hitting a boy. And if the guard didnt do his duty then wat will you say is ‘Has india lost its value and cant v enjoy a sunday?’ if the guard hasnt done his duty. Society is a two edged knife yaar. Dnt think too much. Neither the guard is wrong or ur wrong. Just that there are two sides of the same coin

    • You are absolutely right, every coin has two sides… considering all the aspect of a situation, one has to take a judgement on what is wrong and what is right…

  2. Hi Guys,

    R we not fooling ourself with such discussion?????? Yes Rids, u thought it right as a good human but r we still into those way of life boosing around & looking at wats happening around???? No, non of us r bothered to look into reality & accept the fact of todays era….. Life ends on a road & we end up crabing about, wat happen was wrong…. But still the destiny does’nt define the act, we derive it to happen & that wat happen ther, one was struggling for livlihood & the other stoping him to earn his livlihood…. Whom should v blame???? Society, people like us or people like them who were born poor????? I believe still many of us will keep wording on these, may i ask all including me, wat r we doing for them?????

    Rids, being a good human u r honored with flowery words……

    • Let’s not sell our selves short Ankit. Agreed that we get lost in our self obsessions and pleasures of life, but we are not always like that. I believe that each of us is concern with what is going around us and in the society, may be degree of concern may vary. And yes, I do believe that crabbing about life and society is not helpful.

      So, instead of making grand gestures, we can all do something, may be little bit, but something to change this picture. Honestly saying until few years back I did not see this part of life but now I have. So, I have started my part, my contribution in changing this picture. Little but significant contribution.

      P.S.: If you are finding it difficult to start, you may contact me I will be glad to guide you, just the way somebody else had guided me.


  3. Hmmm Riddhi,

    Well said and can see your sentiments attached with the incident. But as someone said, “we only see those things what we want to see” right?

    As meera said about the Gaurd’s duty.. It might happen that everyday same boy comes to mall for every half-hour and try to interfere others.. Because you were there for particular instance but guard was standing there for almost a day and have to loyal for his duty.

    I am also against to hit someone but its based on relative theory.

    Just think once, how many time you have shown mercy to beggars / physically challenged people / old people / any one who is in trouble? I am not talking about to show mercy after watching the some movie like “Tare Zameen Par” but I am talking about how many time you helped them?

    According to me, Relative theory applies everywhere. Here you have identified the root of problem (child was begging) but have you tried to resolved the root?

    Need to know your view on same..


    • Hi Ujval,

      Your theory does sound rational. Yet, even after trying to see the incident from the perspective of that guard or the people around, I am finding it difficult to justify the act of that guard.

      Being humane cannot be a short term impact of some great movie or a great book; it has to be woven into one’s constant behavior. It’s just matter of taking small actions in helping the world in which we live.

      Please keep expressing your views 🙂


  4. Hi, Riddhi,

    I respect your feelings. But have you think from the point of view of that guard?
    It may be possible that he do not want to do this with that boy but as it is the part of his duty, he has to do this otherwise he may lost his job. And as u said an honest look at the community is essential, we should remember that , that security guard also belongs to this community and we can not ignore him as well as his need of earning for his family.

  5. Hi, Riddhs… As I completely agree with you being an Amdavadi & a human, we cant tolerate such crucial stuff happens with any kid… As you know me, Hope you can think if i was there with you than what i did with that person..

    Very glad to see your blog as its different than mine. Its on real & social issues which crop up our lives somewhere… Keep it up… 🙂

  6. Since I was born and brought up in Gujarat. I was not aware of anything exept life at its best. I moved in search of better oppportunities and more comforts with lifestyle. I have worked in different environments and got to know manny Indian aswell western cultures.
    I though and almost felt that Gujarat is not so best at all how it,s being said by the reading of economical growth or come corporate achievements. But the fact was roaming around and whoever got to know me that I am Gujarati said,” Dude, why you’r wasting time being so far from the place you belongs. That is much better than this1. Obviously I,m in Delhi but see still peoples have some different scenario for our place.
    @Riddhi,,,, If I were you rather I,d have slapped that guard and politely said him Sir, even I know the same treatment you are doing. See how are you feeling now.:@

    I think my region needs me now and all who are like my kind of.
    Thanks Riddhi atleast you have done good job but I prefer to act rather than workout and all awareness. Nobody will give time to all these. I believe in only me and who are anymore will join you by your this effort?

  7. Rids, the fact of Ahmedabadis now days z dat v ppl r very mch complacent and being more optimist towards the modernization, development and achievements about the success of Ahmedabad…
    But dilemma z dat v fail to accept the reality,d bitter truth which still prevails and wat more to say as u hv already xperienced d one yesterday…

    • I agree with you Ayaz, we have developed a flare of optimism. Though optimism is not a symptom of any disease, it’s the time when we stop ourselves from moving from optimism towards irrational narcissism. An honest look at the community is essential.

      And I do believe that no one is better to do this then us, the young blood running in the heart of the city. Right?

  8. You did great dear and no, this injustice should not be tolerated and as I was also present there I can justify your sentiments.

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