Ahmedabad Under Euphoria


When we Amdavadis Celebrate, we CELEBRATE!!! Yesterday, Ahmedabad celebrated the triumph of India in Ind Vs. Pak cricket match. Masses came out on streets, roaring in joy. With beating drums, firecrackers lightening the sky and Flags flying on almost all corners of city, it felt like a wave of patriotism just soaked the entire city.

Optimism just pouring out of Amdavadis, assured of victory ahead in the grand finale when mighty Indian cricket team fights the Lankans and wins the most exalted trophy.

All the Best team India!!!


Proud Nation

On the Bus

Folks dancing on the Bus!!!

Masses out on street

Celebration continues...


Infectious enjoyment…

Drums beating... Crowd singing and dancing on the streets!!!

Electrifying Energy!!!

Celebration at Ankur, Naranpura


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  1. Each day you prepare and meet them ever alike. When you are a nail bear when you are a hammer strike

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