Law Garden


Law Garden

When I try to recall the earliest memories of this place, I am not able to go too far down the memory lane… Though my parent says they used to take me there very frequently when I was young, I am finding it difficult to recollect any visit.

But what I recall of law garden is tagging along with my cool sister and her cool friends and having my favorite cheese sandwich. (Yeah, I found them very cool as they were allowing a kid to follow them around.) Surely you must be having one or more sweet memory of your own. Can you remember your first visit at law garden, how it felt, what you did?

For those who are new to city or does not know the city well, let me tell u little about law garden. It is a public garden, named after adjoined Law College, is surrounded by diverse landmarks. You will find educational institute like Gujarat Law School on one side and on the other side, stalls selling numerous handicrafts goods such as cane items, wooden items, and beautiful, eye dazzling traditional Indian outfits. One of the oldest and most prominent auditorium, Thakorbhai Desai Hall is just around the corner and the renowned British Library is few steps away. You may also visit Ravishankar Kala Bhavan or goto Municipal Nature Park which is in close proximity.

Garden itself is one of the best place to spend time in nature’s lap. If you come here early morning, you will find Amdavadis jogging, exercising or taking leisurely stroll in the vast ground of this beautiful garden.

Nightlife at law garden is amongst the coolest ones in Ahmedabad and rocking till late hours. Five or fifty, whatever is your age, you will have something to allure you here. For kids, there is Chiti Bang Chiti Bang with indoor games, Battery operated Cars, Bungee Trampoline, Rock Climbing etc. For bigger kids there is array of mouth watering food at khau gali. You may dish out on appetizing pani puri or try out Chinese or Punjabi at road side stalls. Try out yummy spring Dhosa (Yes, Chinese and south Indian combo) at “Honour” (they have even replicated logo of Honest) or have chilled kulfi at Asharfi.

So, next Sunday when you are unable to decide where to go for good food or just to hang out with your family or friends, stop thinking and head out for Law Garden.


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  1. memories are like wine the older it is the more better it is and the more intoxicating it is. Have lots of memory that intoxicates me and makes me feel life is beautiful

    • I can understan Aravind… There are so many cherished memory with this city… If i start thinking about them, I am sure I can just go on and on about each place 🙂

  2. Baka jst one more fact related to the place…
    For many ppl who cannot pronounce it as law garden its Love garden 🙂 🙂
    On a serious note, indeed a good article…

  3. Hi,

    Good articles…

    I hope your are going to write about ancient places as well as modern places…

    ~ Rocking Ahmedabad ~

  4. Hey Tina.. do not forget the “Mahadev temple” at Law garden and great corn as well as icegola situated near it. Just behind the Law garden, there is a NCC place also… and yaaah… the young generations paradise “FREEZELAND” is also few steps away from the place. So the place is a mixture of educational institutes, the great library, the art performing platform, the great taste of food and so on…. the place always delight the people of ahmedabad…

    • Yes, of course how did i forget the ice golas and bhuttas!!! And as you aptly said “young generations’ paradise Freezeland” is of course a must visit. Thank you so much for providing me inspiration for this post. 🙂

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