Ahmedabad… The Vibrant City of Vibrant Gujarat…

When I decided to write about this city, my city, a sequence of images flashed in front of my eyes. Images of city in which I live, I breathe and I survive.

For outer world, Ahmedabad represents a typical concept, with significant elements of old lost mills, entrepreneurs, garbas and dhoklas… But for people who make this city beat with  life it’s much more than this.

It’s a city throbbing with energy, enrich with culture and presenting multifaceted experience at every corner.

Using this stage, I want to make a humble attempt of presenting the contemporary Ahmedabad in its true spirit.  How the city celebrates life, what we do and how we make every second count.

If you want to know more about the city, its cool places and cool falks, keep checking this space… There is much to come.

If you want to share your experience, drop by a message and I shall get back to you. If what you want to share is interesting and suitable for this space, I shall publish it with your credit.

Happy Reading…


Riddhi shah

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  1. Really nice, I suggest why don,t you try in HT or TOI.
    I mean Hindustan Times or Times of India. You have a talent to present so smoothly. @Riddhi, God bless you and hope to see lot of on this blog. 🙂

    • Thanks Jay for your kind words.

      Shall try and present most interesting aspects of Ahmedabad and life here in coming post.

      Keep checking this space more 🙂


  2. wow.. great writing.. feeling very nostalgic about our own city where i did my schooling, did so many mischiefs and learn new things… but i feel there is a great change in culture, life style of city in last 10-15 years… In my time (before 1993) 2 Rs. icegola (baraf no golo) outside the pragatinagar garden is really a fun and now… series of cafe coffee days… and outlets of fast food.. but to summarize really a great and vibrant city of gujarat…keep writing…

  3. Hey Ritzzzzz

    You had described Ahmedabad in a very simple and beautiful manner.
    Your writing has a power of simplicity – never loose it……

  4. A good start for our own Ahmedabad.
    I totally agree to your point that, there is lot about ahmedabad besides being a Manchester of India.

  5. Hey, How are u?? Nice to see u also starts writing. Farly Described our Ahmedabad. Really nice effort. Keep it up. You can also visit my blog at above address given in Website. 🙂

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